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Sony revealed their new motion controller, the PlayStation Move this week at the Game Developers Conference.

Using the already released PlayStation Eye, the Move follows a few guidelines set by the Nintendo Wii’s motion controls but also sets itself apart with a few key details.

The PlayStation Move is set to be released in the Fall with pricing falling around $99 for the Move/Eye bundle.


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All that’s missing is a screaming Kiefer Sutherland…

At around 24 hours after the initial PlayStation 3 bug put Sony gamers worldwide into a dizzying panic, the corrupted systems seem to have cured themselves.

Sony released a statement shortly after the issue had been resolved but it did not provide much information. Rumors were confirmed however that the error was caused by the internal clock recognizing the year 2010 as a leap year.

Corrupted Trophies seem to be fine… that is, if they were synched prior to the lockdown. If not, there have been a few tricks discovered on how to recover them.

This is exactly what I wanted to do to my PS2 after seeing the error message for my newly bought ICO.

This raises questions on just how solid product testing is over at Sony. The PlayStation 3 is continuing the trend of poorly built systems apparently. It was always common knowledge that Sony never had the most well-built systems ever since the frustration that was the PlayStation 2’s disc read error but for how much these people payed for this “super” system, something serious like this should not be happening.

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The "Fat" PS3s are susceptible to the error

And you thought the Red Ring of Death was bad… 

Last night, many Sony PlayStation 3 owners were greeted with an error message when they booted their systems up. They were unable to log-on to the PlayStation Network, start games offline, or watch video rentals. On top of all of that, users were finding corrupt data in their Trophy Lists. 

After many hours of confused panic, Sony issued the following statement: “We believe we have identified that this problem is being caused by a bug in the clock functionality incorporated in the system.”  This would explain why the internal clocks on corrupted system are re-setting to 12/31/99. 

Owners of the new slim PlayStation 3 need not stress as the bug does not affect those systems. 

Owners of “Fat” PlayStation 3s are advised to keep their systems turned-off and wait until a patch arrives. Sony has not yet confirmed if corrupted data will be retrievable or not. Hopefully Sony will get everything sorted out by Tuesday morning. 

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