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Since the departure of the two heads of Modern Warfare 2 developing company, Infinity Ward, more and more people are leaving the company, making some worried the team is dead.

Though the team looks to be slowly crumbling, a member of the company says the situation is bad but not fatal.

The two former heads, Vince Zampella and Jason West, have recently formed a new developing company, Respawn Entertainment with EA.


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Decoding Gaming: A Timeline of Video Game Controversy

Since its initial release decades ago, video games have faced aggressive protest and heated controversy. The following is a thorough time-line of the games that sparked controversy and shaped the industry we see today.

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Activision fires studio heads at Infinity Ward, takes control of Call of Duty franchise

On top of the odd PS3 meltdown, we get this strange report last night about security showing up at Infinity Ward Offices, the developer of the best-selling Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Turns out, this was just the beginning of a massive takeover of the award-winning Call of Duty franchise.

The CEO of Activision, Bobby Kotick met with the studio heads over at Infinity Ward, Vince Zampella and Jason West, in the morning. They were soon after let go from their positions for “insubordination” and “breaches of contract.” Activision will not release any more information on the reasoning behind the firings.

So what was the point of firing the two leads of Infinity Ward, a studio that just got done releasing quite possibly the biggest game in video game history? It appears as though it is the beginning of a huge corporate take-over of a quality product, financially and unfortunately, creatively.

Tensions have been brewing between Activision and Infinity Ward for quite some time now. Activision wants a franchise like Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero where a game can be released annually — quantity over quality in order to get more money it would seem. Infinity Ward however, wants to take their time with games (crazy right?!).  Infinity Ward also showed interest in creating a new IP, but Activision was opposed to it. It would appear that Activision is afraid of risking money on a new franchise even though they are relying on only three franchises to be financially profitable.

Modern Warfare 2

Activision released some of their new strategic plans for the Call of Duty franchise shortly after the firing of Zampella and West. Activision is in talks with several developers for future Call of Duty-based games. Treyarch, the only other developer to work on Call of Duty games (Call of Duty 3 and Call of Duty: World at War) is getting set to release Call of Duty 7 this fall. But two other Call of Duty games have been announced for 2011, one with an unspecified developer and the other from Sledgehammer Games who will be “extending the franchise into the action-adventure genre.”

The last franchise Activision attempted to re-tool was the once great Guitar Hero franchise. Guitar Hero was originally developed by Harmonix and published by Red Octane. After the release of the second Guitar Hero, Activision bought Red Octane but left Harmonix out to dry, replacing them with the Tony Hawk developer Neversoft. Kotick mentioned at this year’s DICE gaming convention that “We had always known them [Harmonix] as sort of somewhat a failed developer of music games. They always had really great ideas but nothing that was really commercially viable until Guitar Hero.” The joke was on Activision when Harmonix released the ever popular and critically-acclaimed Rock Band series with MTV and EA GamesWhile Harmonix was busy revolutionizing both music games and downloadable content in video games, Neversoft and Activision were busy milking the Guitar Hero franchise with endless new games and further illustrating how to run a series into the ground.

Activision regrets not acquiring Harmonix

Activision’s new strategy for the Call of Duty series seems awfully similar to the one they used for the Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk series. They will milk this franchise for all its worth while more daring developers like Infinity Ward will release bigger and better games. In my opinion, we’ve already seen the release of the last creative Call of Duty game (Modern Warfare 2) and after Treyarch releases the seventh game (which, if it follows the route World at War took, will be very similar to Modern Warfare 2) the series will be a shell of its former self.

Best of luck to Zampella and West, I hope they can get back to developing great games again. The rest of Infinity Ward is still scheduled to release two downloadable map packs by the end of the year and are apparently an important part in the franchise’s future. The question is, will the rest of the Infinity Ward team follow their departed leaders or Activision. Only time will tell.

People from the gaming industry sound off at the developing situation. What do you think? Is it the end to the best war franchise ever or is this a great move by Activision? Sound off in the comments!

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David Jaffe, the creator of the insanely popular God of War franchise (the third one being released in the coming weeks) spoke to Kotaku about his cancelled anti- George W. Bush game, Heartland. Games are starting to become more liberal with their storytelling (just see the controversial playable terrorist scene from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 recently) which I personally welcome with open arms. Just so long as the game is mature in it’s unique storytelling, games should start taking these risky leaps if they want to be considered serious forms of art.

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Online gaming has been around since the 90’s and in that time, many words and phrases have been invented or altered to be used commonly during gameplay. Most gamers (including myself) are guilty of using them often but there are certain phrases that just need to die (but of course won’t). These are the top ten most annoying phrases used during online gaming, whether through text or voice communications. These phrases were ranked on a combination of how common they are and how annoying they are as well.

10. “You just got PWNED!” – A phrase that’s close to every hardcore gamers heart, “pwned” is derived from misspelling “owned” on online forums. Like “getting owned,” pwned is a phrase used when a player is humiliated during a game. It’s funny and fun to use at first but when people bring it into the real world or, like the others, use it too often, it can grate on the nerves a bit.

Game most often used in: Just to show you the clip of it, World of Warcraft

 9. “BK” – Stands for “Bad Kid.” How this became popular, I do not know but I hope it dies a swift and painful death soon enough.  The phrase never really offends the victim but actually embarrasses the one delivering the phrase. Saying “You’re such a BK” is lamer than verbally saying “LOL!” and calling someone a “bad kid” just sounds stupid.

Game most often used in: Halo 3

8. “Stop lagging!” – It is possible that lag (when a game skips because of a bad connection) affected the turn-out of a match. It happens a lot and it is very annoying. But when players start blaming lag to compensate for their poor performance during a match, then it gets ridiculously annoying.

Game most often used in: Any online game

7. “n00btube” – The “noobtube” is simply the grenade launcher that can be attached to assault rifles in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The second I heard this stupid phrase I hated it. Yeah, getting easy kills with the grenade launcher (in Modern Warfare 1, they were simple one-hit kills) was noob-ish but it’s just a dumb phrase. And now with the fixed grenade launcher in Modern Warfare 2 (the grenade does not explode up close, it needs at least some distance between the shooter and the target) it’s all but useless.

Game most often used in: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

6. “Chainsaw n00b” – One of the many things Gears of War is famous for is the introduction of the chainsaw. Like the bayonets used centuries ago, a chainsaw was attached to the bottom of the game’s assault rifle for very exciting close-up combat. Though the use of it was fairly acceptable in the first game since the overpowered shotgun easily countered it, the chainsaw became a power-house in the game’s sequel. The developers wisely tuned down the shotguns strength to allow for a more accessible multiplayer experience but veteran players became possibly the worst whiners in gaming history when they couldn’t stop the chainsaw. A simple way of countering getting torn-up by the chainsaw was to keep your distance and shoot from afar but even with the knowledge of this common sense move, players still managed to complain.

Game most often used in: Gears of War 2

5. “Campers”Camping is the art of staking out a discreet spot on the map and waiting for an opponent to walk by so you can sneak up on him or her to get an easy kill. Many players find this tactic cheap. I’ll agree, camping can get really annoying sometimes and I’ll even lash out at campers. But if you’re playing a game like Call of Duty where they show you where the player killed you from (the Kill Cam for those who don’t know), then stop complaining cause they clearly show you where the player is hiding. Also, campers take advantage of hasty, run-and-gun players. For the run-and-gunners: stop rushing in like a chicken with it’s head cut-off and be smart! Instead of complaining, do something about it!

Game most often used in: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

4. “Stop stealing my kills” – In a game like Halo 3, a player has to shoot an opponent a few times before he goes down. Often times while a one-on-one match is going on, a third player will enter the battle to help his teammate finish off the other player. And usually, the third player will receive the point for the kill where the person originally engaged in the fight only gets an assist point which is of lesser value. In any other form of competition or sport, this would be seen as team work but for many of the selfish players online, this is called “stealing a kill.” Get over yourself and play for the team and not for yourself!

Game most often used in: Halo 3

3. “Oh my God, how is he still alive?! I shot him in the head!!” – Look, if you shot the player in the head, he would be dead right now but he isn’t. You missed. Get over it! This is a reaction from most players attempting to snipe in a game. Players can believe all they want that the player is glitching or that they hit an invisible wall in the game but the fact of the matter is, they just aren’t that good at sniping.

Game most often used in: Any game involving sniper rifles

2. “Wow, how did I die?! I definitely shot him first!” – So what, when you’re bad at the game, it doesn’t matter who shoots first. Getting the first shots off is a huge advantage but when you can’t finish the kill, then don’t complain, it just makes you look bad. Look, this is such a common phrase that there is even a Facebook group dedicated to its use (which I of course joined).

Game most often used in: Halo 3

1. Any and all of the racist, sexist, homophobic and flat-out stupidly offensive phrases briskly thrown around This is not just a problem in video games but online in general. The internet is like a shield for pathetic low-lifes who still define people by their race or sex. Steps have been made to prevent this kind of atmosphere (being able to file a report on Xbox Live) but it has not stopped the millions of ignorant players from spatting their hate speeches online. Once again, I need to implore that this does not just go on in games but all over the internet and in most cases you don’t have to deal with this crap. Also, parents can take precautions to prevent this like family friendly gaming zones for example

Game most often used in: For some reason, these type of people love Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Got better and way more annoying online phrases than what are listed here or just want to discuss the lame ones already listed? Post them in the comments section!

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Video game sales are down 13% this month. Console sales decreasing makes sense since we’re a few years into the consoles’ life times. Usually around this time, we would hear about new consoles getting announced at the upcoming E3 convention. But because of how these new systems are developed with heavy online support and new projects like 360’s Natal and PS3’s new motion controls, these consoles still have life in them yet. Analyst expected the video game sales to drop. Big name titles in the next month like God of War 3 should boost overall sales.

Video Game Sales for January 2010

  1. New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Wii) – 656,700
  2. Mass Effect 2 (360) – 572,100
  3. Wii Fit Plus (Wii) – 555,700
  4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (360) – 326,700
  5. Mario Kart Wii (Wii) – 310, 900
  6. Sports Resort (Wii) – 297,600
  7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PS3) – 259,000
  8. Army of Two: The 40th Day (360) – 246,500
  9. Just Dance (Wii) – 191,900
  10. Darksiders (360) – 171,200

Hardware Sales for January 2010

  1. Nintendo Wii – 465,800
  2. Xbox 360 – 332,800
  3. Nintendo DS – 422,200
  4. PlayStation 3 – 276,900
  5. PSP – 100,100
  6. PlayStation 2 – 41,600

Source: NPD Sales Figures

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