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Following the hugely successful The Beatles: Rock Band, Harmonix is set to release their second band-exclusive title, this time with a more modern band. Green Day will get the Rock Band treatment come June 8th and Entertainment Weekly just received the set-list.

The bands two massive albums, 1994’s Dookie and 2004’s American Idiot are completely intact while their most recent outing, 21st Century Breakdown, will be completed so long as players downloaded the six tracks from it already available on either Rock Band 1 or Rock Band 2.

Expect huge sales and a very happy me (Green Day happens to be my favorite band, hence the excited report) when it is released this summer.


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First leaked by a Taiwanese site and later released on developer Bungie’s site, the reveal of Halo: Reach’s multiplayer is officially on the web.

It appears as though the Halo multiplayer has undergone a huge gameplay facelift to deliver a new kind of multiplayer experience. Remember when Cliff Bleszinski, a lead designer at Epic Games said his game Gears of War 2 would be “bigger, better, more badass?” Well, the same mantra can be applied here. Halo: ODST switched things up a bit but nothing like this:

Also, IGN just released a great frame by frame look at this trailer, highlighting the many new and exciting features in Halo: Reach.

The date has been set for the Beta: May 3, 2010.

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