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George Mason University, a school based in Fairfax, VA known for their basketball teams run in the 2006 Final Four, found early and surprising success with their new Computer Game Design degree.

The university’s goal for the program was to get 110 students in it by 2012. Their expecatation have been shattered with around 200 students already enrolled into the program.

The school believes that the program will stimulate the economy as well as inspire students.


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Since the departure of the two heads of Modern Warfare 2 developing company, Infinity Ward, more and more people are leaving the company, making some worried the team is dead.

Though the team looks to be slowly crumbling, a member of the company says the situation is bad but not fatal.

The two former heads, Vince Zampella and Jason West, have recently formed a new developing company, Respawn Entertainment with EA.

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The School of Performing Arts at the Middlesex County Vocational and Technical Schools in East Brunswick, New Jersey is performing a play based around video game addiction.

Jennifer Haley, an LA-based playwright, wrote the play in 2006. The story revolves around neighborhood kids who get overly obsessive of a new game entitled Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom (N3RD).

The play is rated T for Teen.

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Grand Theft Auto IV

Instead of Grand Theft Auto being the cause of violence, a program in Merseyside, England  is using it to prevent violence.

Educators use images from Grand Theft Auto, Bugs Bunny cartoons, and the Itchy and Scratchy cartoon from The Simpsons to provoke discussion about the real-world consequences of violent actions.

This program is a collaborative effort between the Merseyside branch of Support After Murder and Manslaughter and the Merseyside Police. The branch chairman of Support After Murder and Manslaughter, Gaynor Bell, believes the parents are to blame for violent behavior as they did not teach the children right from wrong to begin with

I actually have faith in this program. I have always stood by that parents need to be responsible and know if their child can identify the difference between right and wrong. Grand Theft Auto won’t teach kids to kill but it may provoke the ones who don’t know better. Parents need to sit down with their children and put the world into perspective for them. And if the parents don’t feel as though their child can handle a video game, even a Teen rated game, then they shouldn’t buy it for them.

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Engineering students from Imperial College London have developed an eye-controlled controller in order to allow severly disabled people to enjoy games.

According to Kotaku “The students and their faculty supervisor think the technology is proof of concept for creating more complex eye-controlled games, while also enabling eye control of wheelchairs or cursors on a computer screen.”

The technology was also cheap, the students’ set-up costing about £25 while high end eye movement systems for use in brain research cost about £27,000.

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The University of Nevada will hold a fundraising video game tournament following the death of Angela N. Peterson, an Anthropoligist and Physchology major at the school as well as an avid gamer, by a drunk driver November 29th, 2009.

Student organizations at the University including Hormones and Diseases Group, Anthropology Society, Lambda Alpha, Circle K International, and Smash Club will hold a video game tournament in honor of Peterson’s memory. The tournament is on Thursday, April 22, 2010 and prizes vary based on difficulty.

Along with that, the site 360voice.com will hold a three week Gamerscore Challenge from April 12 until May 2, 2010. Participants are encouraged to donate while trying to get the most achievements in three weeks. They may also enter to win prizes.

The proceeds of these events will benefit the UNLV Angela N. Peterson Memorial Scholarship, the national Child’s Play Charity, and the UMC Children’s Hospital in Las Vegas.

Child’s Play, the organization sponsoring this event, is a charity group of over 100,00o gamers who, since 2003, have provided over 5 million dollars in donations of games, toys, books, and money to sick children in children’s hospitals throughout North America and the world.

Gamers interested in the tournament should visit the charity site. Sounds like a lot of a fun and it’s for a good cause. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!

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Nintendo is readying the release of the Nintendo DSi XL, an updated version of the company’s popular handheld system but they’re are already dropping hints on their next update, the Nintendo 3DS.

According to Nintendo, the 3DS will feature 3D graphics without the glasses usually required to experience 3D.

Nintendo’s aiming for a 2011 release. More details will be available at this years E3.

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